Rome III is designed for "one stop" learning. It serves is as a valuable resource to general and specialist physicians, mental health professionals, and basic and clinical investigators involved in the study and care of patients with functional GI disorders.
Now expanded with 17 chapters to address the needs of both investigators and clinicians.
Provides the most up to date information on the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, and over 20 more functional GI disorders commonly seen in clinical practice.
New chapters include pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, sociocultural influences relating to gender, age, and cultural influences, functional abdominal pain and two chapters on pediatrics for the neonate/toddler and child/adolescent.
"Red flag" questions to aid the clinician in identifying symptoms and signs that would suggest further evaluation to exclude other diagnoses or when needed to make a mental health referral.
A table is included that compares the Rome II and new Rome III diagnostic criteria.
Rome III
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